بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

All praise to Him , 
Our greatest Rabb !

Today remarks 26 Ramadhan 1436H

We've got 4 days left for Ramadhan to leave us . 

Are we ready yet ?
Are we ready to unplug our Iman Charger ?

Having Ramadhan in Malaysia after 4 years of Ramadhan in Jordan , 
It's kind of weird feeling though . 

It's really hard for me to describe it , 
It makes me really in missing with Jordan . 
It's not about that country that tells about a precious moment of Ramadhan . 
But , it's about , how passion they perform their Ibadah on Ramadhan month . 

I really am missing Ramadhan at Jordan . :') 

Untuk saat-saat akhir Ramadhan ini , 
memohon sejuta kemaafan pada semua .
Moga , Ramadhan kali ini menjadi bekalan yang kukuh buat 11 bulan tanpa Ramadhan . 
Dan moga ketemu semula dengan Ramadhan seterusnya . Biiznillah . 


My type of title i just wrote for this entry , 

of course it's about ... past .. 

Memories . . . .

If I were to desribe about memories ,
I'll be the very clumsiness one to tell the story about my own memories . 
Because i appreciate my memories .. my past .. 
They grows me up till now . :') 

But as for now , 
I think I might change my words ... 

Memories .. are only memories ..
They just ... memories ..
They have no power at all ..
If we keep living in the past ...
There won't be future ...

I created this quote since I know I've hurt many people hearts ,
because of memories ...

What is past .. is just past ... 
What is memories .. is just memories ...

Tapi hingga kini , ana masih lagi berusaha gagahkan iri untuk segala Ujian dari-Nya .

It hurts though , but ... 
I know I deserved it ..
I'm the one who created all those feelings .
So, I'll be the one who will vanished it . 

I thanked You , Rabb . 
It makes me calm in silent whenver I think again . and again ... 

I pray the best for my past . 
So that I can meet them again in Jannah , 
who they are is what I am today .

Rabb , thank you for making me stronger day by day . :') 

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