بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

All praise to Allah that gave me the best Islam in this world . 

Hello people 
It's been way too long since I wrote my last post .

To be cleared ,
I just graduated from University of Yarmouk , Jordan 
As a Bachelor Degree of Feqh wa Usuluhu . 
Or Degree of Syariah . 

Alhamdulillah , 
All thanks to Allah that were surely gave this huge ni'mah towards me . 
and also , not to forgot my lovely parents and family 
that were always Du'a for me . 

and to all of you who intended to do Du'a for me too . 

As this 6 month since I'm in Malaysia 
I have been proposed to work in this Development company 
with the scoop of Marketing Executive . 

Basically , 
I would never want to for this job.
But, as my Akhilla' said :

"Ini bukan kerna bidang kak , tapi ini rezeki "

a new words right ? 


"Close friends, that Day, will be enemies to each other, except for the righteous"

A friend whom I called her as my lil sister to me . 
Now she's way to far from me . 

Since I left her for Back For Good ,
two month I say , 
She's really being weird with me . 

She's ..........

further away from me . 

I keep blamming myself for being unknown reason of all this . 

and till now , 
I am upset of what was happen . 


To my dear Akhilla'
You know who you are ....

As what we have promised before , 
to keep loving as bestfriend till Jannah . 

I will always keep that words ,

In my Du'a InsyaAllah . 

Walaupun mulut seringkali berulang kata untuk lupakan enti . 

Hati ana moga Allah ikat ukhuwwah ni hingga ke sana . 

I wonder , 
what is  my main wrong towards you
sampai kan enti berkelakuan begini dengan ana . 

Do what you want to do , 
Because I know Allah will always hear me . 
knows truely about my feelings towards this ukhuwwah . 

Just that , 
Dont you ever do this again to another person .
Let just me suffer for this . 

I pray for you fineness with you beloved family , 
I pray that He'll protect you wherever you are .
And I pray that He ease you in everything that you do or did especially in your marriage soon . 

If you read this dear Akhilla , 
I just want you to know that .....
I'm hurt ...
really I am . 
And I want you to know that ...
I'm sorry for all that I've done that makes you so far from me now . 
or maybe makes you hate me in a sudden , 

I really am sad for this situation . 
and I hope Allah gave the best rewards for this .. 

Rabbuna , ana redha . 
Santuni hati ana untuk kembali pada jalan lurus Mu . 
Maafkan ana atas apa yang telah ana lakukan pada Akhilla' ana , walaupun ana tak tahu apa salah ana sehingga Akhilla' ana jadi sebegini .
Dan ana maafkan dia atas apa yang telah dia lakukan pada ana . 
Ana mohon , moga di syurga sana , Kau temukan kami semula dengan keadaan aman , saleem dan menangis bahagia merindui sesama sendiri . 
Ameen ~

Akhilla' , I stop here . 
May you find a new akhilla'
that is much more better than me . 

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