'Eid of Victory

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

" Allah will make everything beautiful at the right place, 
at the right time, 
for the best  reason. 
Always have faith in Allah. "
- Quote -

A time for me to write a bit
Alhamdulillah wa Astaghfirullah.
May Allah forgives all my sins.

'Eid Mubarak people!
Today marks 7 Syawal 1436H

It's been 7 days since Ramadhan left us.
How time flies.

I can't even imagine Ramadhan in Malaysia would be much different when I was at Jordan.

All praise to Him,
In every ni'mah that He gave.



Abig present from Him to me.

15 July 2015
My proposal for Master has been accepted ! 

Syukur lillahi ta'ala. 

Mixed feelings with a wild crying all day long.
I've been waiting for this since I was at my degree time.
It worth it for taking the IELTS test last time.
Subhanallah :')

Master in Counseling 
with the scop of Family Counseling
Faculty of Leadership and Management

University Sains Islam Malaysia

I'll do the best this time



still dalam istikarah jugak sekarang,
baru terima interview from USM too.

May Allah ease.



Last week
An ukhty ask me about my feelings nowadays.

Since Raya is the day of Victory for every Muslims
(which is more to the victory of handling our nafs itself)

I said 


being with families 
gathering with them
teaching every single things that should be change in our family
is my dream come true.

my family was not so 'alim' like others
or so 'bijak' like others
or so 'happy' like others


this is us


Then, she ask me again
How about my other feelings?

I said




I keep blaming myself

Kenapa ana seringkali ditimpa ujian ukhuwwah ni.

Cool down dear.

Allah knows you better.

*tapi sampai sekarang tak boleh nak stop bace mesej lama2 and crying like behhhh every night .
what a shame . huh !
pegang pooh je bace surat dalam tu.

It's ok Amirah,
take your time
slowly you'll heal this pain.


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