We are not alone in this world. When we were born, we have father and mother huggging us with love. As time goes by, we learn how to crawl, how to stand, how to walk, how to run and among all the greatest, we learn about the people in this world.

We are no longer strangers among each other when 'friendship' blossoms in between us. This is known as friends. We might have a lot of friends but how truthful they are, we can't predict.

It is not easy to find a true friendship.. to find a friend that can share our sorrows and tears, to stand by our side when we need them. If you find one, you are lucky coz you have captured their heart to love and care.

If you have a true friend, take gud care of the precious friendship. You must be willing to give and take, to talk & listen and lastly to share & love. But among all, praised to GOD for giving you a TRUE FRIEND...which the TRUE FRIENDSHIP will never ends.

To my TRUE FRIENDS, i love you and thank you for being so loving & caring... May our TRUE FRIENDSHIP be blessed forever... Amin...

thank to all of you for willing to be my friends...
it's hard to remove our memory together..
hope our friendship will last long till jannatullah... insyaAllah.. 

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